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26-03, 07:06 206Bape
26-03, 07:06 206Bape
Can someone legit check this? OG Bape X Matcom from 4 years back. Never worn w/ tags.
23-03, 09:01 santa323
anyone want to buy Psyche Camo Shark Hoodie?
09-03, 06:37 marcoluis360
can someone help me out? http://www.bapetalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=141306
09-02, 16:49 Ugk33
07-02, 04:21 GeorgeParamore
Would be great if someone can legit check for me, I'm about to buy. http://www.bapetalk.com/forum/showth...62#post1255362
03-02, 00:49 Oigtrash
need legit check
03-02, 00:48 Oigtrash
someone tell if its fake or not please thank you
03-02, 00:48 Oigtrash
01-02, 22:31 MalikA1
can i have a legitcheck http://imgur.com/a/pgepR
01-02, 00:26 Mos718
whats up fellas
25-01, 22:11 Mafi
https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/s960x960/16251566_1561160080568064_1868124316547700300_o.jp g?oh=39ab3c0ca56ada0b0fe0384eaebf6291&oe=59079E33
25-01, 22:11 Mafi
Hey guys, can someone tell me what collection had a sleeve tag like this ?
24-01, 23:52 BapeEddie
Someone do my legit check please? Just submitted 2
23-01, 05:50 schopp22
can a admin check the LEGIT forum and see if BAPE HOODIE LEGIT? is real?
18-01, 20:45 Administrator
if you need to recover your account, send me a pm with your old account's email address and username. I'll merge them once I can confirm the accounts
14-01, 07:52 kingryin
06-01, 02:50 flusha
what ups
05-01, 22:21 abathinggorilla
Help me with legit check? )
03-01, 04:25 Stunna
does anybody know how much shipping is on bape.com the japanese site not us
31-12, 17:11 Frezh
https://gyazo.com/df1cb3fa9d6beb7b57e1e40faf911899 Is this a real bape design ive never seen it
30-12, 22:26 Jam9818
can someone legit check this http://imgur.com/a/WqU5s
30-12, 22:00 cRossiaH
Anyone got a yellow camo half zip or full shark L or XL?? lmk
26-12, 05:46 nqarubik
bape x jam. how much ?
19-12, 02:43 AnthonyBai
Hi could someone plz help me with a legit check


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