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02-02, 08:36 xYeezyDaChefx
02-02, 08:36 xYeezyDaChefx
bapesta94 is a mod
02-02, 08:36 xYeezyDaChefx
13-12, 00:30 xYeezyDaChefx
what up gangstas
16-01, 02:59 xYeezyDaChefx
i mean i try to give people such easy wins....and nobody wants to batle
16-01, 00:17 xYeezyDaChefx
where is the pride on thsi forum gone!?
16-01, 00:17 xYeezyDaChefx
nobody wants to battle me...i mean damn...
13-01, 23:12 xYeezyDaChefx
i said BITCH you need to crawl before you ball
13-01, 23:11 xYeezyDaChefx
she said ye can we get married at the mall
10-01, 21:16 xYeezyDaChefx
09-01, 22:21 xYeezyDaChefx
17-11, 05:12 xYeezyDaChefx
26-10, 06:42 xYeezyDaChefx
26-10, 06:42 xYeezyDaChefx
rofl bapa....you think your gonna ball of mcdonalds paycheck
04-08, 00:07 xYeezyDaChefx
lol we need new mods....i think before i die i should become a mod...atleast for the fit battles...
03-08, 23:21 xYeezyDaChefx
send me your outfit via pm..fuck the mods we'll make our own thread
03-08, 23:21 xYeezyDaChefx
if you get this
03-08, 23:20 xYeezyDaChefx
hey big james
16-05, 04:58 xYeezyDaChefx
15-05, 05:55 xYeezyDaChefx
15-05, 05:55 xYeezyDaChefx
lol swaaaaaaaaaaag i guess but there the best in the atl...they really did do a good job on all my shit..but there also hard headed...but meh im going to bet to
15-05, 05:26 xYeezyDaChefx
*Vietnamese* ohhhhhhhhh you tooo skinny
15-05, 05:26 xYeezyDaChefx
the people i go to say the same shit everytime i want anything done
15-05, 05:25 xYeezyDaChefx
and say i want this bespoke?
15-05, 05:25 xYeezyDaChefx
would you ever go to a tailor place


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