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  1. DASH Miami Store Bombed With "Yeezy Taught Me"

    Came across this on South Beach, some artist had bombed the store front with "Yeezy Taught Me" with an upside down swoosh. Here's a link to the photo :
  2. Looking For Authors

    Whats up fellow Bapetalk members im looking for anyone interested in working with me and my site : Its been up for a year now but looking for authors or somebody willing to run the tumblr page : The site covers fashion, women, art, music and any...
  3. Space-Beach

    Off Topic Forum
    I have an established blog running on articles of Art, Fashion, Music and etc of dope ish of our culture. Go visit and tell me what you think and follow ! $pread love. *I am also looking for contributing bloggers if anyone is interested.