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  1. Vintage Bape Camo

    Vintage 2005 Bape Camo Tee wondering if its legit? :werd07: http://
  2. [LC] Bape camo shark sweat shorts

    LEGIT CHECK legit? used cond.
  3. LC on tiger camo pants og

    LC on the pants in this listing please THANK YOU in advance
  4. LC on camo block and shark

    LC on these 3 please, thanks much in advance
  5. bape giant camo snowboard jacket

    Great condition authentic Bape jacket want to sell asap for £350 but I'm willing to listen to reasonable offers
  6. LC on bape x kaws and backpack

    hey, i have a few for legit checks ty in advance 1. (kaws hoodie) 2. (bape head tee) 3...
  7. Ishmael Raps | Birthdays (Shot in BAPE NYC)

    Ay, what's good BapeTalk? I'm Ishmael Raps. I dropped a video on the 29th called "BIRTHDAYS" some of it was filmed in BAPE NYC. Super good vibes. Hope y'all fuck with it. video link -
  8. Is this jacket legit?

    LEGIT CHECK I can't seem to find anything about this jacket. The tag says bape camo and the person I bought it from said it came from the bape camo collection he told me its authentic. Is this true and do an of you recognize this jacket?
  9. Legit Check Bape Jacket

    Is this jacket legit from an old season or no??
  10. [WTB] Bape Camo Polo

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, Im looking for any color Bape camo polo shirt in size M or L. Let me know if you are selling one! Thanks
  11. Bape x Undefeated White camo logo tee in dustbag

    This shirt is basically brand new as it has only been worn once. Will ship same day in dustbag. 100% feedback on both iss and ebay. $115 shipped or best offer
  12. **BAPE Camo Phone Case + SNAPBACKS + BAPE x Hanshin Tigers Coinpurse + 7 1/4**

    Sup guys Got some vintage items here for sale, the bape items I got from the foreign exchange student my family was housing which are 5-10 years old. The rest of the Bape items are in my Size Large clothing thread. The snapbacks are from my grandfather and are 10-20 years old. Buyer pays...
  13. bape, stussy, gstar, pannuu

    Hello BT, this is my first selling thread! Accepting paypal only +4%. All bape stuff comes with bag and tags. Please do a legit check if you think the item is not legit. 35 USD shipped stussy tee s/o 20 usd 35 USD shipped panuu tee s/o 20 usd 50 usd shipped s/o 20 usd GSTAR tee 50 usd...