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  1. Legit check Bapex

    Could someone legit check this Bapex please? It would be helpful if someone know the exact name of this Bapex and the colourway. Thank you!:)
  2. Type 1 Bapex Gold watch for sale

    On Ebay now...
  3. FS: 2005 Swarovski Bapex

    NO TRADES (Unless you're willing to ship first) paypal preferred buyer must add 4% and shipping text me for fasted response Up for sale is a 2005 Swarovski Bapex. Only about 70 were released. The Locust had one up here on BT a while ago for $600 which is retail. Great condition. No...
  4. Info/PC on Bapex Watches, 1 black, 1 red camo

    got 2 bapex watches here, silver with red camo is a little scratched up, black watch is DS. Anybody know what year these are from, what model of bapex, and what they might be worth today? Thanks guys
  5. wanted: gold bapex watch

    Want To Buy
    If anyone wants to get rid of their gold bapex watch that was released a few months ago let me know. heres a picture... its the one that was $530
  6. Bapex Clear Plastic Watch

    Want To Buy
    Any idea where I can order one online or does anyone have one for sale? Looking for the one with the black face, not the blue face. Please email [email protected]