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  1. For Sale Batman Bapestas

    Size 8.5-10
    Would anyone be interested in purchasing deadstock batman bapesta’s in original special packaging? 🦇 UK 8.5 US 9.5 West Midlands UK based 🇬🇧 send offers or questions please✌🏼
    £66,666 GBP
  2. Size 8.5-10
    price drop!! NIKE DUNKS HIGH OLYMPIC METALLIC GOLD/BAPESTAS X DC BATMANS All prices are negotiable but with that in mind NO LOWBALLING PLEASE. Best way to contact me is through EMAIL: [email protected] DCxBAPE BATMAN BAPESTAS-- SOLD!! METALLIC GOLD NIKE HI OLYMPIC DUNKS. 200 FLAT not in OG...
    lets see if these are legit.. im a bit curious
1-3 of 4 Results