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  1. L/C Dover Black Crewneck

    LEGIT CHECK Took a while, but here they are. and a sleeve tag
  2. [LC] Dover Black Crewneck

    LEGIT CHECK,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,compress:true,quality:95/
  3. [LC] Tiger Shark Full Zip Black

    Not sure of the model or how old it is. Front Facing: Sleeve Tag: Wash Tag: Neck Tag:
  4. Bape 20th anniversary Legit Check

    Hi, I was wondering if Bape officially released a black version of this tee. How does a real 20th anniversary tag look like ?
  5. Air Yeezy 2 NRG Solar/Red/Black DS 10.5 Brand New Buy it now $1,200

    Size 10.5 and Up
    Paypal verified member in United States Will ship USPS Priority immediately after payment is received Not looking for any trades at this time Up for sale are DS never worn Yeezy 2 In Solar Red size 10.5 Message me questions
  6. FS: Bape multicamo tee black sz L

  7. FS/FT: Jordan III black cement sz 8 DS

    Size 8 and Below
    I am legit, ask for refs if you want. Items located in Montreal, Canada. Payment +4% I am legit, ask for refs if you want. Item located in Montreal, Canada. Trades here: or Jason Dill Vans (8-8.5), Pushead (8.5), Wtaps chukka(8-8.5)...
  8. wtb sz 11 Black/White Snakeskin Bapestas

    Want To Buy
    hello everyone!! I just created this account so I could make this wanted post, this is my first post, and i probably will never check this forum! please check out my contact info below if you have this pair. Just so you all now, despite being new to this forum and having just signed up, I am not...
  9. <Needs Grey or Black Tiger or Shark Hood

    Want To Buy
    I really have been trying to find a grey or black Tiger but I could use a Shark as well. Preferably if someone has some info or getting rid of 3rd gen Tiger (white red black- face), either way if you have something along these lines or just strictly a grey or black one let me know. Appreciated!
  10. Prison Booty

    Off Topic Forum ROFL dont get locked up kiddos and if you do make sure you pull your pants up ''if you sag your pants in here? man somebody'll be in yo butt... and its just that simple ''