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    i have just published my new website i have been working on it for some time now and I've got a few blog posts lined up for the next few weeks. I would be really appreciate it if you could all go and give it a look, share the content and help give my blog a kickstart and gain some...
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    Does anyone still use Tumblr? I like to interest in peoples Blog Designs. Anyone wanna post their URL? Check Mines outt.:shrug:
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    Whats up fellow Bapetalk members im looking for anyone interested in working with me and my site : Its been up for a year now but looking for authors or somebody willing to run the tumblr page : The site covers fashion, women, art, music and any...
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    I have an established blog running on articles of Art, Fashion, Music and etc of dope ish of our culture. Go visit and tell me what you think and follow ! $pread love. *I am also looking for contributing bloggers if anyone is interested.
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