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  1. AUTHENTIC Bapesta KAWS Chompers fs-029 size 10

    Size 8.5-10
    Fairly worn. 7/10 condition. Patent Leather, Coffee brown/Pink/White colorway. Couple of cracks and creases, but the piece still holds its value. This rare art piece was released in 2006 and still has its original shine. Asking price is $500, but we can negotiate a different price under...
  2. legit and

    hey bapetalk, i was offered these. what are these worth?? thanks in advance
  3. Legit Check Bapesta 2006FS-029 Kaws Chompers Sax/Pink

    I just recently purchased these 2006fs-029 kaws chompers bapesta and although the seller I bought them promises me they are 100% authentic, I just need an official verdict if these are truly authentic. Thank you in advance