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    Hi Bapetalk members. I am proud to announce that my own street-ware brand has launched. Our T-shirts are the highest quality with a complex print. The T-shirts range from £15-£40. If you guys could take a look that would be greatly appreciated. We also ship worldwide. Link...
    Looking for bape at a reasonable price. Show me what you have got
  3. Other Brands
    check out the streetwear clothing made by me on my website. New itmes coming in 3 days. Follow me on Twitter & Insatgram (@Jason_Matthew_) /
  4. Other Brands
    Hello, my name’s JD. I am a student doing the Creative & Media Diploma Course. In one of my units, called the ‘Higher Project’ I have to do a project on any chosen subject/area, therefore I have decided to do my project on ‘Swagger’ and how this new developed culture influences many things like...
  5. Other Brands
    Titanic Clothing Comapny How's it going BapeTalk? We are Titanic Clothing Company (from London, Ontario) and we've just redone our fall lookbook (a little late I know) and have opened up our online store. We would like to know what you guys think of the final printed shirts and the lookbook...
1-5 of 10 Results