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  1. Legit check on Bape x Puma

    Hi Guys, this is my first post here, because i want to buy a second hand puma x Bape coat. But i want a second opinion on its authenticity before i buy it. The seller has asked for £310 for it. Images of it here: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Legit Check on Bape Long Camo Coat

    Legit check please. I asked seller for pics of tag at neck and he said it has no tag at neck only a hook to hang it up with, found it weird at sizing is on the label beside gold bape head, seller said he bought from Shibuya and is 100% authentic Also would someone be able to ID the jacket for...
  3. Aapecoat legit check

    LEGIT CHECK Bought online in Japan, let me know if youd like other views of it! thanks
  4. Bape Coat

    Hi theres any body knows if this is legit Bape Purple Camo Hoody Insulated Winter Coat
  5. Official SIZING Thread: Ask your sizing questions here.

    General Discussion
    So as to not clutter the forums, please ask all Bape sizing questions here. Check the following link for the latest measurements.