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  1. LC&ID on bape denim jacket

    can't find much info on this jacket online, i know that there was a similar champions jacket released a couple of years ago but this looks much older. Seller says that he bought it off someone who got in Japan around 2008. Any help? TAGS:
  2. Legit Check Bape Denim

    I am interested in purchasing these Bape jeans I am not sure if they are 100% authentic. Any help to determine if these are 100% authentic will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Bape Jeans Yellow Sta Authenticity Check

    I am interested in purchasing these Yellow Sta Bape jeans but wanted to make sure they are authentic. Seller claims they are but I want to verify if they really are.
  4. [FS] BAPE Selvage Denim Wallet

    For sale is a hardly used Bape Selvage Denim Wallet from 2011. The Interior is premium beige cowhide leather and the exterior is selvaged denim coupled with white pierced stitchings. Brand tape along the bi-fold slots to edge off the compartment and features a metallic aluminium Bape Head logo...
  5. nudies/naked&famous denim

    nudie thin finn indigo raw denim sz 29 - $65 naked and famous camo pants sz 29 - $65 (SOLD) naked and famous duck khaki pants sz 29 - $65 nudie thin finn black waxed raw denim sz 29 - $65 (SOLD)
  6. Raw denim cheese problem

    Denim Talk
    Ok, so today I realized that I had sat on some melted cheese, and it was on my denims. They're brand new, second day of wearing them actually. I figured it would act similarly to gum, so I followed rawr denims guide to cleaning that off by putting an ice cube in a rag and rubbing, which helped a...
  7. PBJ XX-005 Raws

    size 31 brand new unworn Pure Blue Japan xx-005s. Never touched water. selling for $200. taking offers. need gone. get some great denim for a steal!
  8. *Bape/BBC/Ursus/Ice Cream/General* M-65, lots of denim, Hoodies

    mods please delete old thread, thank you Price + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift. Many of these items are vintage from as far back as 2000 and all my items come straight from Japan. I'm willing to come down on price 5-10% on certain items, however if I'm repeatedly low-balled and an...
  9. PC/Questions about selling to 3 Peat, need some help! 5 Pair Denim, 4 Bape Jackets

    hey guys I have 5 pair of denim and 4 jackets I'm selling, and was wondering if any anybody could shed some light on how Much these items would sell for on 3 peat? I've heard good things about 3 peat, but wanted to get some advice from you guys on how you think these would sell/what price they...
  10. Trying to Find Similar Jeans

    Denim Talk
    I recently bought 2 pairs of Levis 514s (Slim Straight) 38x30. I really liked the way they fit. I'm looking to invest in some nicer denim (APC, D&G, Nudie, etc), and was wondering if you guys know specific jeans that have a similar fit?
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  12. NEIGHBORHOOD JEANS real or fake?

    Are these NEIGHBORHOOD JEANS real or fake? 1. Are these REAL or FAKE? 2. What makes you think so? 3. Do you like these jeans (i.e. will you wear it)?
  13. To TRADE or not to TRADE?

    Off Topic Forum
    Should I trade these jeans away... Bape Shark Denim (released Dec2010) - USD$389 - Note: The shark head is sewn onto the denim, it is composed of thread, not tacky plastic. For these jeans Undercover x Coca Cola Zero crossover (released Oct2010) - USD$80 - Note:Limited Edition, only 30 pairs...
  14. Self Edge New York

    Denim Talk
    So, many of you denim heads may have known already and it may be old news, but recently, Self Edge New York has opened. It is located in the Lower East Side of NYC. Here's the address and info: Self Edge New York 157 Orchard Street @ Rivington New York, NY 10002 212.388.0079...
  15. Context Flash Sale (Good Denim Deals!!)

    Denim Talk
    I don't know when it ends, but there are some nice deals going on at check the sale section for deals on Imperials, Sugarcanes, and Nudie. :cheers: later denimheads
  16. Need BBC Running Dog Shorts size M (W31-33)

    Want To Buy
    Hey, I need BBC shorts with Running Dog, size 31-33, like denim... If You have for sell so please tell me. Thanks:big_banana_Dance: