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  1. Bape Spellout Pourple Camo Sweatshirt

    Hello i recently bought a Bape Sweatshirt size m of an eBay auction. The piece has a realy good quality to it. The print and material feels very similiar to my 100% legit Bape Long Sleeve which i bought off The tags also look very good i did find no errors in the tags. Only...
  2. Shark Hoodie Legit check

    Found this online and wanted to know if it was real
  3. Deadstock BAPE x Converse & Bapestas!

    Size 8.5-10
    Good day, I hope you are all well, as it has been some time since I have posted here. I have decided to sell three very rare, deadstock pairs of Size 9 shoes (BAPE x Converse from 2002, Bapestas from 2006) as a set on eBay, in addition to other BAPE items...
  4. Entire Mr. Bathing Ape Suit Collection for Sale!

    Good day, I hope you are all well, as it has been some time since I have posted here. I have decided to sell my entire Mr. Bathing Ape suit collection (a total of 22 pieces) on eBay, as well as several other BAPE items:
  5. L/C on ebay Bapestas

    Just won these and they seem real but wanted a second opinion.. Listing below...
  6. L/C on Bapesta please

    I just received these Bapesta's I won on ebay and wanted to know if they are real. I'll attach the listing...
  7. Incredibly sketchy shirt I found on eBay

    So glad I found this website, recently found this shirt on eBay and have got the seller to reserve it for me until I buy it but am suspicious that it may be fake, as lots about it seems really off, think you could have a look? I've included images of most of the shirt. Cheers
  8. Beeper Legit Check

    Looking to buy some Ice Cream Beeper Flavors, saw these and wasn't sure. How can you tell they are fake? Link:
  9. LEGIT CHECK: BAPE Purple Camo Hoodie

    I have some doubts if this hoodie is real or not, if anyone of you could clear it up, that'd be sweet. I was going to buy it off of someone on a local listings website.
  10. L/C ladies ape hoodie

    First time buying bape on ebay. a little skeptical. fake or real?
  11. L/C ape hoodie

    Hey, first time buying off ebay. A little skeptical. Real or fake?
  12. ☆☆☆ Air Jordan Retro 6 Golden Moments Pack size 9.5 ☆☆☆

    eBay Auctions
    ☆☆☆ Air Jordan Retro 6 Golden Moments Pack size 9.5 ☆☆☆ I am selling Air Jordan Retro 6 Golden Moments Pack size 9.5. If you are interested, here is the UPDATED link

    Are any of these legit? Any help will be appreciated
  14. louis Vuitton wallet/card holder, supreme atelier hat, bape g-shocks, joyrich

    eBay Auctions
    louis Vuitton link here: supreme atelier hat link here: bape g-shocks link here...
  15. BAPE Belt Check + History...

    The item(s) in question... Hey y'all, I've seen a couple of these boxes floating around on eBay and Yahoo! JP before... can anyone give a backstory on them (year, release region, etc.), assuming they are indeed legitimate items? That said, can anyone vouch for the authenticity of the above...
  16. Legit Check: baby milo hoody on ebay

    LEGIT CHECK This look real to yall? I just messaged the seller asking for close-ups of sleeve-seam stitching, tags, etc. From what I can tell it looks OK but I'm a novice at this shit. Any advice appreciated.
  17. BBC Vault

    Billionaire Boys Club | Ice Cream
    " We have set-up an ebay account where you can bid on items you might have missed on over the last 5 years as well as showroom samples. The ebay account is BBCvault and you can see one of the listing here. Shipping worldwide!!! Enjoy…. " Info: BBC Blog - BBC Vault...
  18. L/C BBC New Era (eBay Link)

    LEGIT CHECK Looks rather suspicious, but the feedback seems to be constistant... Thanks -Deezy
  19. L/C bape hoodie

  20. Ice Cream Boardflips LC on eBay

    Hi I'm new to Boardflips, I know the prices can be pretty cheap, but just want to know what peeps think of these links: 1: 2...