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  1. Baby milo worth check Bape X Nintendo DS

    It is a grey tee with baby milo on a painting with flowers (dont know how to insert a photo) I found this in my closet and it is sitting in my closet for like 5 years, i got it from my aunt who went to Japan in 2008 or 2010 i don't know exactly. But i can't find the exact design or how much it's...
  2. BAPE X KAWS Sperm Hoodie

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    See link :-
  3. Pricing for 2007 Bape Tee

    I was wondering how much I could sell this t-shirt for. I bought it in 2007 from the Central store in Hong Kong before it closed. I have never worn it and have the original receipt, t-shirt bag, price tag, camouflage bag. It's a large. Thanks for helping me out
  4. Hong Kong grand opening ltd edition tee

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    i'm looking to sell a limited edition bape tee shirt made for the grand opening of the hong kong store. size medium but fits a bit small, below is the link for it on ebay, if your outside the uk then message me for shipping details...
  5. play cloths online exclusive

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    EDIT: aight got the white and black now. thanks everyone.