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    Sorry for the double post. Just trying to get a used one without buying a fake. real?
  2. LEGIT CHECK is selling "legit" bape apparently. I've emailed them about authenticity and whatnot before and they claim selling fakes is a crime and that they aren't such criminals blah blah blah, so who can help me out? what do you guys think? I'm potentially going to buy if they are...
    Claims to be "1st Camo Bapeland" Item is pre-owned and seller claims to have bought it off someone at a sneaker convention. We have been messaging back and forth on ebay for a few days now and he seams like a legit kind of guy. My concerns are with letters on the hood, especially the 'G'. Let...
  4. LEGIT CHECK Couldnt see details of this on my cellphone but bought this might return or cancel.... :shrug:
    Hey guys got a legit check on 2 items here. Pretty sure the hat is legit, but just thought I'd double check. The mouse pad however looks fake as fuck. But it's from Supreme Palace, which is guaranteed authentic? Still looks fake to me. Thanks for the help
  7. LEGIT CHECK[email protected]/ i just uploaded all the pics on my i have mentioned...seller is saying that he got this from his uncle from japan in 90's......he said he has a reciept..but he hasnt showed it to me yet...ive seen so many fape hoodies, jackets and t shirts...
  8. LEGIT CHECK Bought it from ebay...and the seller is sayin that he got this from his uncle from japan....ive seen so many fape hoodies, jackets and t shirts that has same tags like that one and i also think this one is fape...
    Closed thread?
  10. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    im sure this issue has been discussed before, but it seems even more relevant during the holiday season. i always see people bidding on shoes that are obviously fake, especially now that all these bape fakers are using the excuse of holiday discounts for their low prices.
1-10 of 10 Results