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  1. LARGE
    Hey, size Large bape wrestling tee. No bag. Just shirt. Looking for $60 obo shipped (USA). Trades- Looking for Bape or Org. Fake in MEDIUM/2. Inbox me if you have questions. I have a refs.
  2. Size 10.5 and Up
    Hey y'all, All but three pairs have been sold, and they are on eBay as a lot now. You won't find a better deal than this! Holla~!
  3. LARGE
    UPDATE: The Oneitas are sold, but the Isetan polo is still on the table! Hey y'all, I am selling the following item, which is technically size L (my wording will be explained later): The item in question is on the bottom, a BAPE x Isetan check polo shirt, in the Isetan colorway. I have...
    Up for sale is the following grey, double-zip XL BAPE hoodie: I picked it up last month brand-new, and wore it lightly two days ago for the first (and only time). It is flawless, in DS condition. I am looking for $150, with free P&P/S&H, with the transaction to be carried out through...
1-4 of 6 Results