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  1. Want To Buy
    Preferably the MMJ version. size M Brownie points to whoever points me in the right direction..:)
  2. SMALL
    mods please delete old thread, thank you Price + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift. I'm willing to come down on price 5-10% on certain items, however if I'm repeatedly low-balled and an item doesnt sell within a few weeks then that item will be sent to the guys -vtg...
    finally got my grail item, the Bape x Gore-Tex 1st camo, but then I picked up pretty much the same jacket except its a non-gore-tex version, so wondering what the resale value on the gore-tex might be? Id love to keep this till the day I die, but my bank account needs to recover -_- Thanks guys
    I am legit, ask for refs if you want. Items located in Montreal, Canada. Payment +4% I am legit, ask for refs if you want. Item located in Montreal, Canada. trades here: Willing to negotiate. Bape 1st camo GORE-TEX jacket in sz M $OLD...
1-4 of 5 Results