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  1. LEGIT CHECK Can't find a lot of information on this colorway. The fact that the insole logos are facing the same way might be a dead giveaway but I don't have an eye for spotting fakes. Got these for 16 bucks at savers; would like to learn from this experience.
    I am interested in purchasing these Bapestas. The person I am buying them from claims they are 100% authentic. Any help in confirming these are authentic is appreciated.
  3. Size 8.5-10
    Bapesta Snakeskin series from 2007 or earlier (bought from Pondon) condition : 9/10 Extra white laces I add a pair of lace jewels/lace locks from IHMDJ! brand from that era. i'm asking for 175$ shipped to you (everywhere in the world)
    Is this jacket legit from an old season or no??
  5. Want To Buy
    Yo can sum1 please hook me up with the White/Green BF's I'm in the UK so please take this into account (pnp etc) as im not looking for anything over £25 in total. if u got some custom painted ones then i mite be interested post or send me some photos but the pricing still stands, i may...
    The owner of this is claiming 100% Authentic and he said he purchased it from hong kong bape store im really interested in buying in it but just want to make sure
1-6 of 9 Results