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  1. BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB, Heart & Mind Hoodie

    Season 9 BBC Limited edition heart and mind hoodie for sale made with Japanese cotton. Found in my wardrobe the other day, t was my brother's who says its new. Comes with some tags though not the original zip lock bag. Feel free to request more info!!!
  2. Legit Check/ ID on some purple/grey/white Bapestas

    They're pretty high quality so they seem legit, but I picked them up at a second hand store for $30 so I'm not sure. if you need more pics just tell me
  3. Bape Hoodie Grey - Legit Check

    Hello BapeTalk, I got a bape hoodie and I'd like to know if it is legit or not. And what is the price of this hoodie? Photos: 1. 2. 3...
  4. <Needs Grey or Black Tiger or Shark Hood

    Want To Buy
    I really have been trying to find a grey or black Tiger but I could use a Shark as well. Preferably if someone has some info or getting rid of 3rd gen Tiger (white red black- face), either way if you have something along these lines or just strictly a grey or black one let me know. Appreciated!