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  1. louis Vuitton wallet/card holder, supreme atelier hat, bape g-shocks, joyrich

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    louis Vuitton link here: supreme atelier hat link here: bape g-shocks link here...
  2. newbie to bape and interested in g shocks

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    hello all.. i want to say that im a newbie to this forum. i dont know much about bape but i was hoping to gain some knowledge. i really like the bape g shocks and would like to know more ins and outs on the watches. i recently purchased a brown camo 5600 bape from pondant (sp error) on e bay...
  3. red G Shock watch, CHEAP

    Condition is perfect, DS blahblahblah 10/10, however the battery is dead and I can't be bothered so that's on you at purchase, you have been warned. Time is difficult to change but when you get a new battery installed they should do that for you. these pics are current! taken today, April 25th...
  4. wanted: air yeezys size 9.5

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    willing to trade : signed kid cudi x bape shirt size M and a signed kid cudi Gshock x bape (nave) new york city area