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    Hi everyone ! I've found this amazing shark hoodie in the "used and select KBS store" on Rakuten. Can you help me legit check it please. And by the way, can I be sure that this is reliable store ?
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    UPDATE: The Oneitas are sold, but the Isetan polo is still on the table! Hey y'all, I am selling the following item, which is technically size L (my wording will be explained later): The item in question is on the bottom, a BAPE x Isetan check polo shirt, in the Isetan colorway. I have...
    What's up~ This is a pretty well-known item from the Isetan range, yet pretty rare. I purchased this deadstock off of Yahoo! Auctions JP last year for roughly USD$450. It is a pretty rare item; I have not seen two on auction in my couple of years of hunting, and given the size and...
1-3 of 3 Results