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  1. I am Confused Help Me Out with what to buy. Please

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    my brother is having his 18th birthday and he is super crazy about Outfits. I want to buy him an appropriate gift and I thought about these 2 Jackets, please help me choose 1 that might fit better, thank you so much in advance.:roflbow: This Is First One And This Is Second One and please...
  2. Are Bape Winter Jackets Warm ?!

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    i live in nyc n i need to know if the bape jackets are warm enough for the winter before i drop 600+ bucks . Ps I dont want the hoodie just curious about the jacket alone
  3. BBC Jacket, IceCream Parka Hoodie, RRL Plaid, Sweaters !!?

    Prices listed can be negotiable and does not include the paypal fee. IceCream Reversible Parka Hoodie : s/o 180 Billionaire Boys Club Baseball Jacket : s/o 200 Double RL (RRL) Lighthouse plaid shirt new with tags : s/o 185 Double RL (RRL) Sweater : s/o 200