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  1. My cousin bought these in Japan in 2008, what are these?

    General Discussion
    I can't find these bapesta's anywhere on the internet The only bapesta's I know of are the ones with the large star on the side.
  2. Customs In Canada?

    Hello everyone, I am wondering how I can avoid customs charge for shipping to Canada. Is marking it as a gift sufficient or do I need to do other things as well?
  3. BAPE Size

    Hey. so ive read on the internet that if you buy bape from japan you should order one size larger than normal. And im from EU and i wear small should i buy a medium? if im going to buy a bape shark hoodie from or zozo bapeland ??
  4. Resell Bape stores in Japan

    Hello im new into bape and this community:) Im visiting Japan this summer and will be 4 days in tokyo. Im planning to visit K-skit for some new jordans and harajuku for streetwear. I also want to buy a Bape shark hoodie, i heard that theyre cheaper in japan than in europe. Can you list me some...
  5. Help with Purchasing Bape in Japan

    *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Hey Bape Talk, I have a friend that just moved to Japan and does not live far from a store. I plan to send her money, have her go to the store since it would be cheaper and then ship the items to me. My question is does anyone know if the same items on the US site are available in Japan...
  6. bape x puma shirt

    had it in my wardrobe since release can anyone give me an idea on price never seen any around
  7. Japanese Brand debut: APOMW

    Other Brands
    What's up y'all... This is Gasen. You may know me as "apomw" on BT. I used to be on here a lot, hanging right in there with my boy Baardei, apecuts, and (long before these gents) Valencia on the OG pickups. I am still a BAPEhead, and I still pull in pieces from time to time (check out my...
  8. bape Aoyama camo tshirt

    *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    hi just wondering how rare these are, they are the 'black camo' re'eases only available in the aoyama stores in tokyo. i have one and am basically testing waters, seeing how much interest there is and the price range for one (its never been taken out of the dust bag) any help/ideas on price...
  9. PBJ XX-005 Raws

    size 31 brand new unworn Pure Blue Japan xx-005s. Never touched water. selling for $200. taking offers. need gone. get some great denim for a steal!
  10. shopping in tokyo

    Other Brands
    going to japan/tokyo in a month and was just wondering, are there any shops/markets that anyone would recommend, or have been to. places that stock tape/supreme/bbc/wtaps etc, either new or second hand