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    Need legit check on this running dog jean pleaseBillionaire Boys Club running Fox jeans from 2006-8.... - DepopThank you so much : )
  3. LEGIT CHECK all photos required in imgur album I already know these are real, more so need an info check if anyone happens to know (release year, season, etc.) also if this is not allowed or in wrong forum, sorry ahead & pls let me know thx
  4. Billionaire Boys Club | Ice Cream
    WANT TO BUY: BBC Ice Cream running dog jeans W36 X L32 looking mainly for the jeans with the big dog on front
    Real? Thank You
  6. eBay Auctions
    New with Tags BBC Ice Cream Jeans with Foil I.C. Legit Checked: PM me for any questions, thanks
    picked these up at a yard sale recently - legit? BBC Running Dog Full Gallery Link:
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  9. eBay Auctions
    Headphones: Denon NC800 Klipsch Image One Oakley Hatchet Oakley Nanowire 3.0 Bape Sta Jeans Bape Sta Shoes Burberry Balck label Jeans Enjoy. International Shipping possible. Drop me a PM
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    size 31 brand new unworn Pure Blue Japan xx-005s. Never touched water. selling for $200. taking offers. need gone. get some great denim for a steal!
  11. SMALL
    I have a BapexAmbush Black T-Shirt, Bape Heads 2008 T-shirt, a pair of Ice Cream IC Logo Jeans, and a pair of BBC D&D Jean Shorts. They are all 100% authentic! BapeXAmbush Black T-shirt Condition: 9/10 Comes with: OG dustbag, tags. Price: $70 shipped in the US, international has to pay for...
  12. MEDIUM
    Up for sale is an excellent condition pair of Neighborhood Black Icon jeans. Plenty of referrals on BT1 and BT2, just ask. Paypal only, no trades, sorry. Size: Medium, Narrow Straight Any additional questions, just PM. Thanks for visiting.
  13. Denim Talk
    I recently bought 2 pairs of Levis 514s (Slim Straight) 38x30. I really liked the way they fit. I'm looking to invest in some nicer denim (APC, D&G, Nudie, etc), and was wondering if you guys know specific jeans that have a similar fit?
  14. MEDIUM
    Prices listed can be negotiable and does not include the paypal fee. IceCream Reversible Parka Hoodie : s/o 180 Billionaire Boys Club Baseball Jacket : s/o 200 Double RL (RRL) Lighthouse plaid shirt new with tags : s/o 185 Double RL (RRL) Sweater : s/o 200
  15. MEDIUM
    First of all, I am legit, ask for refs if you want. So... I'm selling a pair of hot soaked Evisu #2000 no1 jeans w/ red tab(straight from Japan) and plain pocket in a sz 34, as you all know...they shrink to fit so they now measure approx 32 in the waist and they have been professionally...
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    Are these NEIGHBORHOOD JEANS real or fake? 1. Are these REAL or FAKE? 2. What makes you think so? 3. Do you like these jeans (i.e. will you wear it)?
    Just picked these up today and I need a check asap! Unsure about the authenticity... Thank you very much in advance!
    It's a danish website and therefore danish language so I don't expect you to understand what it's saying. I were just wondering if any of you could spot the authenticness from the pictures or if they are fakes. thanks! (seller is asking 1100 DNK (just about 150$) and claiming them to be brand...
  20. Want To Buy
    Hey again BT... Now I found another pair of jeans that I just get my hands on. But as I discovered last time these kinds of jeans apparently isn't that easy to find. But, I'll pray to god that this is my lucky day and ask if anybody of you have these jeans in a size 32 - Thanks...