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  1. Size 10.5 and Up
    Selling these Jeremy Scott wings 1s for a homie. They are in great condition. Size 11. S/O is 250. Inbox me.
  2. Size 10.5 and Up
    Hey y'all, All but three pairs have been sold, and they are on eBay as a lot now. You won't find a better deal than this! Holla~!
  3. Other Brands
    Hey y'all, Happy Thursday... I have a couple bookmarked, but I'm looking to get a more comprehensive list of adidas Originals (particularly the Jeremy Scott line) stockists selling online. Most of you prolly know that doesn't mean resellers or auction sites, but genuine stores... there are...
    Jeremy Scott Adidas Wing Sneaker JS Wings , Some one help me check plz>"<! Real or Fake? thankyou!thankyou!thankyou! i dun wanna buy fake item thankyou!thankyou!thankyou!
1-4 of 4 Results