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    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this jacket is real or fake?
  2. LEGIT CHECK if anyone could respond quickly cause I’m gonna buy them today if their real.
  3. General Discussion
    Background: - Non-profit worker in the arts field - Make $32,000/yr - Purchase the Clean Slate KAWS figure - Cost equal to a weeks pay 12.12.18: Purchase figure 12.26.18: Clean Slate figure arrives with a broken leg 12.27.18: Submit a ticket to [email protected] letting them know my...
    Can i get a legit check on a baby Milo hoodie i recently purchased here are some pics got it for a super good deal in an auction and looks a lil sketchy the condition is definitely very used if not fake plz lmk what you think...
    hi guys, lc this please
    Hi Bapetalk, does this Bape X Kaws design exist? If so, what is the exact name of the model? Thanks!
  7. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    I've looked for hours trying to find any other pictures of this hoodie anywhere on the internet but I just can't. I'm pretty sure its from a 2005 collab with Kaws though. I've found this hoodie in black with Milo in black but nothing that looks like what I have. Any info on this would be...
  8. LEGIT CHECK legit check on this hoodie, please
    plz and ty LC on this BM hoodie, and if real/fake, how do you know?? ty not sure if they produced XXXL thank you
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  13. Size 8.5-10
    Fairly worn. 7/10 condition. Patent Leather, Coffee brown/Pink/White colorway. Couple of cracks and creases, but the piece still holds its value. This rare art piece was released in 2006 and still has its original shine. Asking price is $500, but we can negotiate a different price under...
  14. LARGE
    Bape NW20th Anniversary X Kanye West Limited Edition Size: L Condition: 7/10 Price: $120 or best offer Bape x Kaws Camo Tee Size: L Condition: 7/10 Price: $60 or best offer Bape x Stussy Logo Camo Tee Size: L Condition: 7/10 Price: $60 or best offer Bape x Madface Aoyama Front Back...
    Got a BAPE x Kaws collab hoodie that I got off of some kid in a bet, not sure if it's legit or not. Quality and feel seem to be decent. Was told it might be some 2007 2008 release maybe I don't really know If anyone knows how much I could get for something like this that would be awesome...
    Need a Legit check on these, they look a bit worn but id say they look legit, can you guys confirm this?
    I am interested in purchasing this original fake tee and Clot polo shirt. The person selling these claims they are 100% authentic. I want to get a second opinion and see if it really is. Any help is appreciated.
1-20 of 72 Results