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    Below are all of the pics of the hoodie, it looks legit to me as Grailed has moderators who legit check things like that, also i have some experience with bape myself. Just wanted to get a second opinion on it, wanna make sure its real forsure. Lemme know if any additional angles/pics are...
  2. LARGE
    trying to sell this 2006 Large Bape multicolor camo hoodie ASAP for $150 OBO. <-- all pictures are here. 100% authentic, no flaws/fading.
  3. LARGE
    Bought it off Pondon a while back, literally only tired on once and ended up not fitting me. Just been sitting in my closet since then, still in perfect mint condition. Used to have the tags and original packaging until very recently when it got mistaken for garbage and got thrown away :( 100%...
  4. LARGE
    OG 2008 BAPE BROWN PUFFER WINTER JACKET SIZE LARGE Unworn with tags and comes in original dust bag 100% mint condition 100% Genuine, All Authenticating features shown in photographs Lightweight yet very warm Dark Brown in colour with olive interior lining 100% polyester 2 Exterior & 1...
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    Few Items for Sale Today, All Are OBO. Price listed is BIN shipping included in US. Only one picture each below but a full album can be found here: BapeSta Tee Condition: Great - $45 Teriyaki Source Tee Condition: Great - $55 Bape Camo Box Tee...
  6. LARGE
    helllodadoo's LARGE THREAD. SUPREME BOX LOGOS, A BATHING APE RED CAMO, KAWS got this supreme hoodie BRAND SPANKIN NEW with tags. 10/10 DS 1000% legit $185
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    *********UPDATED******* Got stuff for sale, so here's another sale thread by me. Ask for refs if you want, done business here, on Sufu, SS, HB, ISS, Ebay etc... I am legit. Trades and offers are welcome, Supreme, Bape, OF, Clot, NHBD... you know the deal. Caps(camp, snapback, 7 1/4)...
  8. Want To Buy
    i am looking for a bbc bow tie tee in size large and also a ice cream sandwich keychain, that is all. thank you
1-9 of 16 Results