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  1. BAPE x Supreme ?

    Gents, Good day. Over a year ago, I purchased a (supposedly) legitimate tee from the aforementioned two brands on a Japanese auction site. Now, the pictures and details the seller provided were not optimal, but given the information we did have available, several of the top LC experts on...
  2. BAPE bag LC~♥

    Good day, y'all~ Can anyone verify the authenticity ofthis bag? I have the two other colorways from the same era, and while it may not be an issue, the threads affixing the label to mine are slightly different in that theirs do not overlap on to the heads and feet of the white figures on...
  3. BAPE Camo Belt LC

    I posted this a bit back, but no responses and my bumping seems to have killed the numbers of folks looking at it. That said, the proper authorities can feel free to close said older post. Moving on to the item itself, it has ended and been re-opened twice now, and I do hope to hear a decision...
  4. BAPE Camo Belt

    Hey y'all, can you confirm one way or the other as to the authenticity of this belt? Thanks in advance~ Holla!
  5. BAPE 'Sapporo Colorway' Leather Belt

    Hey, y'all, I posted a LC on this belt last week and got some good responses, but still have not received a decision on whether or not the belt is real. Having received several comments, I think the original post was discarded without an official verdict. Thanks to those of you who answered my...
  6. Bapesta L/C

    Hey y'all... BAPE shoes are pretty foreign to me still. I'd love to get weigh-ins on whether these are authentic or not. Thanks in advance!
  7. Fire Camo Hoody Check

    Hey y'all... another one for you. I don't have much to go on; I can see only what the seller originally posted: As far as what (little) can be seen (text size/font, hoody color/clarity/design), does it appear to be legitimate? Thanks in advance...