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  1. Bape in london

    Hey im going to london at chrismas/holiday season. And after the BAPE store in london has cloed down does anybody knows where to get some BAPE stuff in london. preferably hoodies Thank you.
  2. Wanted: Bape London Shark + Heart&Mind Belt (size medium)

    Want To Buy
    Hey BT, I'm looking for a Bape London Shark hoodie and "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket" belt, both in a size medium (M). Requirements: 1. NDS-DS Condition (lightly used-new) 2. Size Medium I accept international and national sellers as well as NYC meetups if you live around...
  3. Sample Sale//4-5 December//Brick Lane, London

    Billionaire Boys Club | Ice Cream
    Billionaire Boys Club//Ice Cream//aNYthing//Gourmet//Cassette Playa Sample Sale 4th - 5th December 2010//East Gallery//Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA
  4. what did you get from London on the 18th?

    I got the black london exclusive skatething Tee, 09 autumn collection book and a set of badges. And after 2 and a half hours waiting in the bape line I could not be assed to wait in the hideout line. Third group in line but didnt get my pic taken wid Nigo.All in all sick day. Worth it.:cheers...
  5. URGENT:London, Where I SHould GO?

    Im going to head to London From Cario EGypt (don't Ask) and i have a 6 hour or so Delay... SO im gonna meet some friends i have in england and I would like to Know what are the must see shops(Specificlly Urban Street Wear) to head 2before I go back 2 the airport & head back home to New York...
  6. Any body that works in London Store or knows how to buy from there

    is there any sort of mail ordering system that i could use to buy stuf from the london store. i live about 4 hours away and have had to travel there 4 times just to buy a hoody or watch. does anybody on here work in the Store?
  7. London: BAPE/BBC/IC tees or misc

    Want To Buy
    Hy mates, i will be in London from 31/10 to 8/11 and if someone UK BT mates wants to sell BAPE/BBC/IC tees or misc to me PLEASE PM ME :). i will pay cash £ and you can choose the place for the meetup! Tees: size LARGE or XLARGE, colour Black or White, S/S or L/S, used. Misc: beanie, scarf or...
  8. I'm ready for London!

    Off Topic Forum
    Hy BT members, Well finally i got my VISA for UK and i want to visit London :). For 100% i will love this city OMG. Btw i want to know where are your favourites CHINESE or JAPANASE restaurants in London?! 'Cause my guide book says: "GO TO CHINATOWN!" Like: -Harbour City, 46 Gerrard St. -New...