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  1. WANTED: iPod vintage HELP ME!

    Want To Buy
    Hy members, I'm looking for your iPod vintage :) This is my list: iPod 3rd gen iPod Nano 2nd gen iPod Nano iPod Mini 2nd gen - - - - - - - Requirements: Important: This iPod must be in good condition (some slight surface scratching will be ok but certainly not on the screen :))...
  2. London: BAPE/BBC/IC tees or misc

    Want To Buy
    Hy mates, i will be in London from 31/10 to 8/11 and if someone UK BT mates wants to sell BAPE/BBC/IC tees or misc to me PLEASE PM ME :). i will pay cash £ and you can choose the place for the meetup! Tees: size LARGE or XLARGE, colour Black or White, S/S or L/S, used. Misc: beanie, scarf or...