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    price check on this please, thanks in advance
    Up for sale is an excellent condition pair of Neighborhood Black Icon jeans. Plenty of referrals on BT1 and BT2, just ask. Paypal only, no trades, sorry. Size: Medium, Narrow Straight Any additional questions, just PM. Thanks for visiting.
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  5. LARGE
    I am legit, ask for refs if you want. Item located in Montreal, Canada. Brand new Supreme N3B jacket in maroon sz L, shit will keep you warm for winter, fit is slim-ish too. Retailed for $298, asking $OLD DS Bape Multicamo t-shirt in black sz L, also got a DS sz M for sale, $80 shipped each...
  6. LARGE
    I am legit ask for refs. DS Bape ''Multicamo'' tee in black sz L, $75 shipped: DS Supreme N3B coat in maroon sz L, $300 shipped: DS StussyxNeighborhood ''Roses'' tee in white sz L, $60 shipped: DS Reigning Champ heather black tanktop in sz L, $50 shipped: DS Surrender ''Ten Hurts'' tee...
  7. SMALL
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    Are these NEIGHBORHOOD JEANS real or fake? 1. Are these REAL or FAKE? 2. What makes you think so? 3. Do you like these jeans (i.e. will you wear it)?
  9. LARGE
    *********UPDATED******* Got stuff for sale, so here's another sale thread by me. Ask for refs if you want, done business here, on Sufu, SS, HB, ISS, Ebay etc... I am legit. Trades and offers are welcome, Supreme, Bape, OF, Clot, NHBD... you know the deal. Caps(camp, snapback, 7 1/4)...
  10. Other Brands
    The follow-up to the collab started in 2008....drops commence on 10/1
  11. Want To Buy
    Neighborhood x original fake size xl or large wanted either new or in good condition let me know thanks
    once again sorry for my ignorance.. im new to original fake, clot etc. Need a legit check on these pants, thanks...
  13. Want To Buy
    Just saw a couple of pictures of some dude on BT2, (and you might have a membership on BT, sorry if i offend you in any way, please let me know), and I kinda liked his outfit a lot. Now, I especially noticed his Fenoms and a Bountyhunter t-shirt that he had and kinda fell in love with these two...
1-13 of 26 Results