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  1. Bape x Travis Scott 10th Anni Tee.

    LEGIT CHECK these are the pictures provided for the shirt, currently asking for me. please give thoughts on if fake or not. Says the shirt comes with original box. Will be adding more pictures when I receive them Post to depop ad...
  2. Hong Kong and New York BF2 sz 8.5-9

    Want To Buy
    Hey BT! Well the title pretty much says it all. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has a decent pair and price pair of these editions. Since I haven't seen them in a while, I know their rarity but im not looking to spend 2k or anything crazy but Im willing to buy for a good price. Also the...

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  4. wanted: air yeezys size 9.5

    Want To Buy
    willing to trade : signed kid cudi x bape shirt size M and a signed kid cudi Gshock x bape (nave) new york city area