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  1. General Discussion
    Taking a long shot here, but who can connect me with a solid bape plug at reasonable prices. I’ve been selling bape for awhile and managed to get my hands on tons of amazing items. But I want to start pulling in (Sharks, clothing, accessories) if you can connect me with your bape plug, message...
  2. .

    I am interested in purchasing this Bape Cable Knit Sweater. The person I am buying it from claims it is 100% authentic. If anyone can please confirm that it is, it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. General Discussion
    Im doing an essay on Bape and the graphic they use. Ive been looking into the Shark hoodies which were used on Chinese Fighting planes. They also use the tiger which is a symbol in chinese culture. Why does BAPE use a lot of chinese cultural symbols when its the epitome of Japanese streetwear?
    What do yall think? From what i read on the Fake Bape (Fape) vs. Real Bape it passed everything from this picture.
  6. SMALL
    [FS] DS Nigo's Human Made Hotdog Varsity Jacket Small - $400 shipped retail $1800 I am selling this garments because I really need money. I am moving to Tokyo, so I need to sell this stuff as soon as possible. If you want to make me a proposition, please don't hesitate. I am replying very fast...
  7. Size 8.5-10
    paypal add 4% or meetup in los angeles shipping is free to the USA Bape Suede shoes 9/10. Worn a few times. Great condition. Box has minor damage. SOLD!!! Bape X Kanye West Bapesta Extremely rare! Especially in DS condition. 10/10 brand new with box. Box has some yellowing. Size 9.5 SOLD!!!
  8. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    I came across someone on Twitter this evening (apparently Japanese), and he has taken to posting his version of a BAPE Archive (modeled after what NIGO is doing). He hardly even touches wearables, but some of the things he has posted I have never seen before. In particular, I am curious about...
    please give me a price fer this PLEASE!!! i got a hold of dis terryaki boyz do you like japan? tour tee give me a price check i posted one before but no one gave me a friken price chek
  10. Want To Buy
    if any one has all the bape mags and want to sell pm me. also if you have any other bape bibles or manuals or magazines (i.d.) etc
1-15 of 16 Results