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original fake

  1. Rare Kaws x Star War Darth Vader & Clean Slate

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    Hurry Up! limited edition art toys of kaws
  2. KAWS Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket set + BAPE 20th Books

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  3. Legit Check Original Fake Tee

    I am interested in purchasing this original fake tee and Clot polo shirt. The person selling these claims they are 100% authentic. I want to get a second opinion and see if it really is. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Original Fake Kaws Fleece Crew Neck Legit Check

    Does anyone know if this is legit and from what Season it is from? Thanks!
  5. Legit check for

    Real or Naw?

    Here I have for sale an original fake kaws circle chomped tee size 2 (medium) tee comes with everything, including dustbag and price tag was worn once and dry cleaned after. never worn again. Looking for $60 shipped for this tee. I am located in NYC for meetups as well. Paypal verified. Not...
  7. LC Bape x KAWS eBay

    What do you guys think? Tag looks off to me, never seen this print before, if it's real then im definitely going to cop. Thank you Authentic BAPE X KAWS T-Shirt sz. medium rare Bathing Ape
  8. *Bape/BBC/Original Fake* M-65, Coaches Jacket, Smart-Cut Denim, Tee's, Bape x UNDFTD

    mods please delete old thread, thank you Price + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift. Many of these items are vintage from as far back as 2000 and all my items come straight from Japan. I'm willing to come down on price 5-10% on certain items, however if I'm repeatedly low-balled and an...
  9. WTB: Original Fake frogskins sunglasses

    Want To Buy
    Hi BT, looking for ds or in mint condition pair of Original Fake x Oakley frogskins mostly in black. Pm me.
  10. dilly2jz: *Billionaire Boys Club Denim/BAPE/Original Fake/BBC Starfield*.

    I am 100% legit. Prices + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift. Some of these items are vintage from as far back as 2005. I can almost always do a lower price, so message me for a discount today! Help me avoid eBay! -DS BBC Chain Stiched Astonaut Denim $210 (brand new w/tags & bag. Runs a...
  11. dilly2jz: *BAPE/BBC/Suprene/Original Fake* HUGE sale! Items added daily!

    Mods please delete old size L thread. Thanks Forum rules limit me to 15 images, so PM me if you need pics! I am 100% legit. Prices + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift. Many of these items are vintage from as far back as 2004. I can almost always do a lower price, so message me for a...
  12. Bape/Original Fake/Comme des Garçons/Supreme

    Welcome Bapetalk! Take a look around, and if you see anything that you like please message me. *****PM IS THE KEY***** (((I DROPPED THE PRICES))) These price are not set in stone, if you want to work something out with me, let me know. I am a very flexible guy. If you feel like you have to...
  13. Neighborhood x original fake jeans

    Want To Buy
    Neighborhood x original fake size xl or large wanted either new or in good condition let me know thanks
  14. L/C Supreme x Original fake t-shirt

    Heya Need a L/C on this t-shirt thanks
  15. Original fake x clot x levis jeans L/C

    once again sorry for my ignorance.. im new to original fake, clot etc. Need a legit check on these pants, thanks...
  16. Supreme x OF "Kate Moss t-shirt" Legit check

    Heya guys. I just won an auction on the Supreme x Original Fake 10 years "Kate Moss t-shirt". But, as i study the pictures of the one I won and pictures of one I know is a 100% authentic, it seems that the colors on the one I won is of a bit badder quality. Another suspecious thing about it was...
  17. I want...

    Want To Buy
    following, please let me know if you've got any! BBC "Smart Cut Running Dog" size M. Neighborhood lvl. 2 Washed Savage jeans, size M. Supreme x Neighborhood fitted, size 7 1/4 or 7 3/8 Original Fake x Neighborhood jeans, size M. (waist 32) Neighborhood "Kneel Down" jeans, size M. Nike Dunks x...
  18. OF(Kaws) x Nike Dunks

    I need to know wether or not these dunks are 100% authentic. It's the nicest shoes I've seen in a while, but as the seller is claiming them as the only pairs existing, I'm having my doubts about the authenticy of these shoes. Can any1 say good for them? Thanks...
  19. Original Fake T Shirt Check

    looks good, but i have my doubts. thanks in advance