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  1. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    hey guys, can i get an ID of this tee. I need to know the year and "name" of the tee
    Basically I've two t-shirts come from eBay. The guy promised me they are 100% legit & I just wanna make sure. He said his brother was close with Nigo & that's how he was able to aquire them. I know they're old & I know some of the originals are made by Oneita. However the one by Oneita doesn't...
  3. Miscellaneous
    These are the original bape x g-shock watches that came out in 2007 (i think, it's been a while/they're old). As seen on the arms of people who probably made you buy bape. the red and black are vnds, rarely worn, in great condition, but with dead batteries. the white one has been worn a few...
  4. Other Brands
    what is the price for original fake at union LA and anybody who recently visited it do you think they would have a shirt size in small
1-5 of 6 Results