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  1. Bape Pink Polo legit check please

    Bought off a guy on depop who claims that it was bought from pondon, bit of a bape novice so if it is real or fake please can you tell me the reasons why Thanks in advance xx
  2. A Bathing Ape (BAPE) City Camo Polo

    Brand new Bape City Camo Polo, never worn 100% authentic, purchased from Bape reseller Pondon Store Size Medium (M) White/gray/glow in the dark camo This item sells for $202.00 on the Bape website Asking $160, free shipping
  3. A Bathing Ape Polo

    A Bape Polo T-Shirt Condition: Very good, without loose grip Color: white with dark blue and navy stripe Collar is dark blue Size Medium Manual measurement: Length (28.5inch) Pit-to-pit (19inch) Offer USD75 exclude postage fee + 4% paypal fee. International buyer please PM me
  4. [WTB] Bape Camo Polo

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, Im looking for any color Bape camo polo shirt in size M or L. Let me know if you are selling one! Thanks
  5. 5StarVintage

    Recently my friend opened up a shop of of Strictly Vintage clothing. From OG Polo to Vintage NBA Jerseys. ALL For a very low Price. If interested heres the Link to the site. Enjoy!
  6. Ice Cream Polo

    Im on the verge of buying this polo but was wondering if it was legit, the price seems a little too good to be true. He states it is worn once or twice and washed once. Thanks
  7. OG BAPE For Sale: Isetan, Futura/Oneita

    UPDATE: The Oneitas are sold, but the Isetan polo is still on the table! Hey y'all, I am selling the following item, which is technically size L (my wording will be explained later): The item in question is on the bottom, a BAPE x Isetan check polo shirt, in the Isetan colorway. I have...
  8. BAPE(+) Ultra-Rare Wishlist~

    Want To Buy
    After a couple months of hunting, I have adjusted and expanded upon my wishlist. It is worth mentioning in advance that while I am indeed looking for the items pictured below, my wants are not limited to what you see. Reading the descriptions below, please be aware that I am also looking for...
  9. L/C, P/C Bape Polo, Bape x Kaws shirt.

    Hey BT, Believe it or not but, I found these at Value Village. I normally stay clear of buying Bape at thrift stores but these seemed too "authentic" to pass up on. I'd love a second opinion though! Thanks -Deezy
  10. bape/bbc/icecream - purple tee

    Want To Buy
    purple nike/bapesta's hey, ive found some purple clothes, so now im wondering if you can help me finding some purple bapesta's or nike's or something ^^ just hit me up with anything plz, thx! Best Regards, - niko
  11. IC Polo Shirt Legit?? Looks Conviencing

    Done and dusted!