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  1. Legit Check Bape PONR Shark Hoodie


    I got this in the mail I bought but I compared it to my ponr shark hoodie from earlier this year and they seem different. This red camo shark hoodie is from last drop
  3. LC on Bape Shark

    Was wondering if I could get a Legit Check on this Bape Shark Hoodie...Also if any one possibly knows the release info?:naughty:
  4. Bape Space PONR Hoodie LC

  5. Bape Hoodie. PONR or WGM?

    Hi guys! I'm not a Bape expert here. Currently I'm thinking of getting a BAPE hoodie. However there are so many selections and choices out there. I wonder which is choose. As you guys know, Bape hoodie doesn't come cheap. So i need help from you guys on advising me. Thanks!!! What is the...
  6. [LC] Bape PONR Pullover

    LEGIT CHECK Thank you so much in advance.
  7. LF/WTB PONR or BH SZ. M

    Hey all, I'm looking for these items specifically (no others) - Black or Grey PONR shark hoodies (any generation), offering to pay premium, negotiable either way based on condition/generation/credentials. Black Bounty Hunter shark hoodies (4 eyes, not angry shark), name your price. Any...
  8. WTB: Shark/Tiger WGM/PONR hoodie (M)

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a shark wgm or ponr or tiger hoodie. Only in size M and I'm only looking for them in black or navy, but let me know whatever you have if you're selling one in another colour and I'll think about it. Will only buy from people with references, if none then will only buy through...
  9. BAPE PONR Shark Hoodie (White, Medium, DS)

    Hi there, I am selling a White Bape PONR Shark Hoodie. This hoodie is brand new and DS as it has never been tried on. It has been taken out of the bag to take pics and what not but it as not been tried on! I have the original receipt from when it was purchase but sadly this does not come with...
  10. ponr shark legit check

    hey bt can u check dis item on ebay looks kinda fake cuz the eyes are too close
  11. anyone selling a bape ponr shark hoody size xl? im really interested!

    *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    lookin for bape ponr hoody in XL ... im shooting for a black one but will accept green grey or white .. lemme know asap! .. meet ups in nyc available