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  1. BAPE x Spongebob, Patrick, & Baby Milo 2014 Collab Tee

    Deadstock Tee from the 2nd Spongebob collab in 2014. One of my favorite pieces by far. Size Medium if anyone is interested.
  2. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Looking for vintage bape, late 90's to 2010, not that 2010 is very vintage but you get the idea. really like the old stuff before they sold out and collecting vintage stuff. If anyone could help me that'd be great! Size L, XL Mens Clothes, Waist 32-34, 11.5 US Mens shoe. Thanks!
    What's up, So i just got this shark hoodie. Fell in love with the camo, not sure if it's a full NYC camo shark. So need an id check just to be sure to! Thanks in advance.
    so I got this Psyche hoodie and I'm 50% sure it's fake can someone confirm wether or not it's real? (I got it checked from someone else but idk if they're too reputable)
    Bape Tiger Shark Camo Hoody Size: M Condition: 8/10 Price: $380 or best offer Bape x Snugpak Limited Edition Reversible Down Vest Size: M Condition: 9/10 Price: $250 or best offer paypal: [email protected] :nutkick:
    Got a BAPE x Kaws collab hoodie that I got off of some kid in a bet, not sure if it's legit or not. Quality and feel seem to be decent. Was told it might be some 2007 2008 release maybe I don't really know If anyone knows how much I could get for something like this that would be awesome...
    This is a tough one. I recently purchased this coat that the owner titled "Hunter's Jacket". Since it was about 80 bucks and everything else the guy sold seemed legitimate I decided to pull the trigger and purchase this item. This is risky as there are no signs of this jacket anywhere else on...
  8. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Need more information about this grey Hoodie PLEASE
  9. eBay Auctions Feel free message me with your inquiries
  10. MEDIUM
    What's up, y'all... I am in a new apartment, and am tired of these gathering dust... for sale are three OG M handprints: I had them up for sale on my Yahoo! Auctions JP account here (the same as when I last listed them for sale on BT):
  11. MEDIUM
    Apologies for the double-post. Please see the newest thread for details!
  12. Miscellaneous
    Brand NEW - W/ Original box & packaging. 100 % Authentic BAPE x CASE Study wall clock. RARE & HARD TO FIND!! NO OFFERS, NO TRADES CASH ONLY, CASH ONLY, CASH ONLY, CASH ONLY. $455.00 Shipped!! $455.00 SHIPPED. PAYPAL READY, NO REFUND ALL SALES FINAL!
  13. eBay Auctions
    See link :-
  14. eBay Auctions I'm selling these Size 9 Camo Bapestas. Only been worn a handful of times. Don't have the box anymore, but they're in great condition. Check out the eBay page for more details. I also got a couple of other...
  15. MEDIUM
    Supreme Kate Moss T shirt from the Spring/Summer Collection 2012 NEW with tags UK Only - BIN £80 with shipping Supreme Budweiser T shirt - rare Used but in good condition UK Only - BIN £40 with shipping Please ask if you'd like to see more pictures. Feel free to ask any questions. I will...
  16. eBay Auctions
    A Bathing Ape x Futura Laboratories Small Worn, washed, hung to dry As is: no dustbag, tags etc Based in NYC
  17. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for the Kaws x Bape chomper varsity jacket! Hit me up if you know anyone who has one or if you want to sell one. I'm looking for a size L. Thank you for your time hope you guys will help me out.
1-18 of 53 Results