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  1. Want To Buy
    Ssup BT Fam, On the hunt for a pair of BWS IC's in a sz9-9.5. If anyone has a pair for sale please hit me up here or on ig @mdnghtwzrd. All helps and leads appreciated. Loves.
    I just purchased these Reebok Ice Cream Money Rolls and want to get a second opinion if they are authentic. The buyer claims they are authentic but I have heard that there are a lot of fakes floating around of this particular colorway. Also the plastic bag the keychain is in I personally placed...
  3. Size 8 and Below
    I'm having a clear out on all my Bape, OriginalFake, and BBC Ice cream. I guess if these don't sell, I'm not too fussed as they're pretty much the HOLY GRAIL (warbly JT voice) Special delivery Postage will be free to UK, will have to calculate and consider other areas of the globe. BBC Ice...
  4. Size 8.5-10
    didn't fit so I'm selling cheap. Really cool shoes for reeboks, and practically brand new. Check out my threads in the size large and accessories categories for bbc/bape items. -Reebok 3d Ultralite Men's sz. 9.5 $45 shipped
1-4 of 4 Results