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    Hello im new into bape and this community:) Im visiting Japan this summer and will be 4 days in tokyo. Im planning to visit K-skit for some new jordans and harajuku for streetwear. I also want to buy a Bape shark hoodie, i heard that theyre cheaper in japan than in europe. Can you list me some...
  2. Other Brands
    going to japan/tokyo in a month and was just wondering, are there any shops/markets that anyone would recommend, or have been to. places that stock tape/supreme/bbc/wtaps etc, either new or second hand
  3. Lounge
    Im going to head to London From Cario EGypt (don't Ask) and i have a 6 hour or so Delay... SO im gonna meet some friends i have in england and I would like to Know what are the must see shops(Specificlly Urban Street Wear) to head 2before I go back 2 the airport & head back home to New York...