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  1. Shark hood sizing pls help!!!

    Turns out ima get a purple shark hoodie I'm 6ft 175lbs (80kg) normally wear medium/large in t shirts and hoodies, unsure on whether to go large or xl in the shark hoodies? would rather slightly relaxed than tight but worried about the clothing shrinking etc. have alot of supreme to reference, I...
  2. T-Shirt Sizing

    Should I go a size up on this tee? I'm usually a small, im 5"7 and 120 pounds so a bit skinny thanks :)
  3. Supreme Sizing Question

    Other Brands
    Hi I am about to buy a supreme hoodie but am kind of worried about the sizes. In bape I usually buy a large hoodie which fits good not too loose but not too tight... when I get a medium Bape it is usually a snugger slimmer feel but still fits just might feel quite slim and a bit short...
  4. Bape Hoodies hang/droop over face?

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    Hello all, I recently got my first Bape Hoodie :) I immediately tried it on and within seconds the hood was hanging in front of my face. The actual hoods of the hoodies are gigantic, I never noticed it before. I looked around a bit to see if anyone else had this problem but couldn't find...
  5. Buying from

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    Hey, Has anyone bought from before? They have a few shark hoodies I'm interested in but I'm finding it hard because the site is in Japanese and the translations are still weird. They also seem to list similar items with weird sizing descriptions. There was this one Bape shark hoodie...
  6. OG BAPE-style Ts?

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    Hey y'all, Since my BT membership began, the overall consensus on tees seems to be that 'OG is best' as pertains to fit and quality (though I am sure that some of you likely have no issue with the newer offerings), which leads me to a question. I am not a big tee-shirt person myself, limiting...
  7. Official SIZING Thread: Ask your sizing questions here.

    General Discussion
    So as to not clutter the forums, please ask all Bape sizing questions here. Check the following link for the latest measurements.