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  1. Size 8.5-10
    Bapesta Snakeskin series from 2007 or earlier (bought from Pondon) condition : 9/10 Extra white laces I add a pair of lace jewels/lace locks from IHMDJ! brand from that era. i'm asking for 175$ shipped to you (everywhere in the world)
  2. SMALL
    nudie thin finn indigo raw denim sz 29 - $65 naked and famous camo pants sz 29 - $65 (SOLD) naked and famous duck khaki pants sz 29 - $65 nudie thin finn black waxed raw denim sz 29 - $65 (SOLD)
  3. Want To Buy
    hello everyone!! I just created this account so I could make this wanted post, this is my first post, and i probably will never check this forum! please check out my contact info below if you have this pair. Just so you all now, despite being new to this forum and having just signed up, I am not...
    Hi all, I've have 3 pairs of the Bape adidas co-lab from several years back, 2003 I think, I cant rightly remember. All were bought from the then Busy Work Shop in London. All have never been worn and currently sitting in my parents loft in Birmingham (UK). They are as follows: Super Ape Star...
1-4 of 4 Results