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  1. L/C Brazil Stas

    LEGIT CHECK Can't find a lot of information on this colorway. The fact that the insole logos are facing the same way might be a dead giveaway but I don't have an eye for spotting fakes. Got these for 16 bucks at savers; would like to learn from this experience.
  2. Bape Jeans Yellow Sta Authenticity Check

    I am interested in purchasing these Yellow Sta Bape jeans but wanted to make sure they are authentic. Seller claims they are but I want to verify if they really are.
  3. Info check

    *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    When did these release Going rate?
  4. quick legit shoes

    Hy BT members, i want to know if these are legit: I've got only these 2 pics, thanks in advance for all who replies ;) :cheers: