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  1. Buying from

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    Hey, Has anyone bought from before? They have a few shark hoodies I'm interested in but I'm finding it hard because the site is in Japanese and the translations are still weird. They also seem to list similar items with weird sizing descriptions. There was this one Bape shark hoodie...
  2. 5StarVintage

    Recently my friend opened up a shop of of Strictly Vintage clothing. From OG Polo to Vintage NBA Jerseys. ALL For a very low Price. If interested heres the Link to the site. Enjoy!
  3. BAPE Aomori

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    I went up to Aomori today, and was wishing that the store there was still open. That got me wondering when it closed. Does anyone know? That asked, does anyone have a business card from the shop there which he would be willing to part with?
  4. Is this "Sanrio Baby Milo Store" T-shirt real?

    I want to know if the "Sanrio Baby Milo" T-shirt is real. -If not please explain details.
  5. Any body that works in London Store or knows how to buy from there

    is there any sort of mail ordering system that i could use to buy stuf from the london store. i live about 4 hours away and have had to travel there 4 times just to buy a hoody or watch. does anybody on here work in the Store?