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    Hi, I am doubting if this is legit or not.. this college tee collaboration with Swarovski from 2015.. Heres the link Thanks in advance! Kind regards, M Quach
  2. LEGIT CHECK Cheers :) edit: Additional Pics
    I'm no legit check expert so I still can't tell if this is real. I know the "small" label is supposed to be off to the right on this one but I'm not too sure if the pattern and color is off or not. Anyone who can help me out?
    Bought this hoodie off eBay. Item not in hand yet, still in process of shipment but seller used these pics. Need a Legit check on them. Thanks!
  5. LARGE
    Mods please delete old size L thread I'm 100% legit. Prices + 4% paypal fee + shipping. Some items vintage from as far back as 2003. I can almost always do a lower price, so message me for a discount today! TRADE FOR BAPE HIDDEN CAMO GEAR, BBC SIZE L, DENIM SIZE SMALL -Sup guys Got some...
  6. LARGE
    mod plz close the thread will sell these later when i get back, mod plz close the thread.
    I haven't been wearing this stuff for years, so here's your chance to get some BAPE/BBC for cheap. General Information: - I will cover the PayPal fee - I'm generally open to reasonable offers - I'm not interested in trades - If you buy both hoodies, I'll give you the thermal for free (unless...
1-8 of 9 Results