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  1. BAPE Shark TEE

    I need a legit check on this shark tee not sure if its real or not some sings show its real but I dot know, link to all the images closer up!
  2. Does this Bape x Kaws shirt exist?

    Hi Bapetalk, does this Bape X Kaws design exist? If so, what is the exact name of the model? Thanks!
  3. Legit Check Baby Milo x Kaws T-Shirt

    I found it at a thrift store (don't take that into account though strange finds have happened) so it's obviously not new at all, so some quality questions could be answered with its used condition. I'd say very used. I look at this and I think it looks very fake due to the stitching and the...
  4. Supreme box logo tee help

    Other Brands
    Gents, Good day to you from Japan. As I know some of you to be Supreme fans, I have a question I need your help in answering. The rectangular box logo on Supreme's tees is of fixed dimensions, and I have been extremely curious to know exactly what those dimensions are (width and height, in...
  5. BapexKaws Camo Hoodie, BBC D&D Hoodie, FNO Red BBC Logo Tee

    I have a very rare BapexKaws camo hoodie, an OG red (salmon) BBC D&D hoodie, and a red FNO BBC logo T-shirt. They are all 100% authentic and size Medium. BapexKaws Camo Hoodie $OLD BBC Diamonds & Dollars Hoodie (Salmon color) Condition: 7.5/10 (it's starting to wear on the hood and one of...
  6. BAPE XL tee CHEAP !

    Paypal fees not included Bape Neon Tee XL : 40
  7. An interesting (and old-enough) shirt to merit the post~

    *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    I do not particularly fancy the mad-face; disregarding this, I cannot wear a small, which is too bad as this is one of the few BAPE shirts I would wear: The nature of the shirt gives me thought that someone who can wear an S on here might...
  8. Kid Cudi Bape T-shirt xxl

    Want To Buy
    hey ive been looking everywhere for the bape kid cudi shirt that they had in la in xxl. If anyone has one or has seen one for sale, please let me know. thx