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  1. LEGIT CHECK Cheers :) edit: Additional Pics
  2. Miscellaneous
    Hey BT, up for sale I have a BBC Heart & Mind belt (L) (removable buckle). VNDS (literally tried on but not worn out). 9.9/10 $250 OBO BBC Dollars & Diamonds belt...
    I just noticed a sentence written in English on the washing tags. Some bape has 'PLEASE FIX FROM BEFORE DRYING ' Some has 'PLEASE FIX FORM BEFORE DRYING ' 'FORM ' and 'FROM ' WHICH is legit ? Thanks for Looking .
  4. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Please , are All Bape shark/tiger hoodie sleeve tags are written " city of the walking biohaters" and on the front of sleeve tag different from common Ape man from Tee ? Am I right ? Thanks for reply. I just see some strange cloth ,perhaps are fape .
    Hy BT members, Please help me! Can you check these tags: look at the necktag... There is a telephone number (and that's ok), but all my tees don't have the small written: TELEPHONE. Can you help me please?! Thanks :)