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  1. LC Varsity Jacket

    LEGIT CHECK,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,compress:true,quality:95/
  2. Looking for the Kaws x Bape chomper varsity!

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for the Kaws x Bape chomper varsity jacket! Hit me up if you know anyone who has one or if you want to sell one. I'm looking for a size L. Thank you for your time hope you guys will help me out.
  3. BAPE Spiderman Camo Zip, IC Varsities+Tees

    all prices include shipping. $200 $200 each $50 $50 $50
  4. bape/bbc/ice cream

    bape psycho camo zip-up (lrg) - $95 ice cream face tee (lrg) - $65 ice cream tv tee (lrg) - $65 ice cream varsity (lrg) - $145 bbc astronaut tee (lrg) - $65 bbc astronaut varsity (lrg) - $145 (SOLD)
  5. bbc and ice cream varsitys

  6. PC/Questions about selling to 3 Peat, need some help! 5 Pair Denim, 4 Bape Jackets

    hey guys I have 5 pair of denim and 4 jackets I'm selling, and was wondering if any anybody could shed some light on how Much these items would sell for on 3 peat? I've heard good things about 3 peat, but wanted to get some advice from you guys on how you think these would sell/what price they...
  7. Club Ursus Bape x WTAPS 'Ursus Mobile' varsity jacket

    I've had this jacket for awhile, got it while visiting Japan. Little did I know it was a WTAPS collab as I've been told. Either way, I never found the time to wear it so it's for sale right now. My highest offer so far is $500 here are two pictures:
  8. OG Black&White IC Season 1 Varsity!! L $450

    Hi there. For your consideration I have an OG Season 1 Black & White Ice Cream Varsity Jacket in Size L. This is an awesome Jacket, And Very hard to find these days. I would say condition of the Jacket is probably a 9/10. It is such an attention grabber. If you have always wanted something...
  9. BBC Season 5 Astronaut head Black& Gray Varsity M $500

    Hi there, This is my first market place listing. What I have here for you to consider is A season 5 BBC Astronaut Head Varsity Jacket in Black and Gray in Size medium. I bought this from for quite a bit more than I would normally spend. This Jacket was bought with the intention that...
  10. FS/FT: Supreme & Bape: Tiger varsity, Maroon N3B, Multi camo box tee, StussyxNHBD

    I'm legit, ask for refs if you want. Items located in Montreal, Canada. Supreme fw09 Tigers varsity jacket in sz L: $OLD Supreme tried on once(DS) N3B coat in maroon sz L, asking $300 shipped obo: Bape ds multi camo box tee, black sz L, asking $90 shipped: Stussy x NHBD roses tee in white...
  11. bape stadium,varsity jacket or camo coach jacket

    Want To Buy
    doesnt matter what size it is, (not size s) also it should be under $300 please email me any time [email protected]
  12. LC on BBC Varsity Jacket

    is this item I found real or not.....