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    Im not sure my jeans was real help pls
    I bought this jacket years ago but never wore it because I suspected it to be fake. I just dug it out of my wardrobe and looking at it today... I still think it's fake. But I'd to get you guys' opinion on the matter. Here are the pictures : I think I already know the answer, but...
    hey Guys, I dont have any specific knowledge about bape so i figured out i would ask you: I found this t-shirt about 2 years ago in a tiny second-hand store in Germany. Does anybody know something about the Price or if it even is legit? Some random facts? Here are some photos...
    Got this t-shirt as a present when i was young by my sister and it has just been laying around in my closet ever since without me knowing it was bape. Is it legit? and is it worth anything?
    I have a released in 2000, ideograph line tee, it is white with small ape head with “A BATHING APE” text around it. Both text and ape head are pink Camo (I’m almost positive it is but I’m colour blind so yeah) size large(in Asian sizes), also in pretty much mint condition, a bit of wear on it...
  6. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Looking for vintage bape, late 90's to 2010, not that 2010 is very vintage but you get the idea. really like the old stuff before they sold out and collecting vintage stuff. If anyone could help me that'd be great! Size L, XL Mens Clothes, Waist 32-34, 11.5 US Mens shoe. Thanks!
    It is a grey tee with baby milo on a painting with flowers (dont know how to insert a photo) I found this in my closet and it is sitting in my closet for like 5 years, i got it from my aunt who went to Japan in 2008 or 2010 i don't know exactly. But i can't find the exact design or how much it's...
    Hey Guys. I picked this up recently. Is it legit? Thx.
    Wondering about the authenticity of this BBC hoodie on eBay.
    Hello gents, May I have your opinion on this piece? Thank you in advance~
    Can someone please let me know if this shirt is legt. Thank you tremendously ahead of time! What year is it from? Why/Why isn't it legit? Thanks
  12. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Hey y'all, Since my BT membership began, the overall consensus on tees seems to be that 'OG is best' as pertains to fit and quality (though I am sure that some of you likely have no issue with the newer offerings), which leads me to a question. I am not a big tee-shirt person myself, limiting...
  13. Miscellaneous
    Sup guys Got some vintage items here for sale, the bape items I got from the foreign exchange student my family was housing which are 5-10 years old. The rest of the Bape items are in my Size Large clothing thread. The snapbacks are from my grandfather and are 10-20 years old. Buyer pays...
  14. LEGIT CHECK[email protected]/ i just uploaded all the pics on my i have mentioned...seller is saying that he got this from his uncle from japan in 90's......he said he has a reciept..but he hasnt showed it to me yet...ive seen so many fape hoodies, jackets and t shirts...
  15. LEGIT CHECK Bought it from ebay...and the seller is sayin that he got this from his uncle from japan....ive seen so many fape hoodies, jackets and t shirts that has same tags like that one and i also think this one is fape...
  16. *A BATHING APE® Official News & Release Info
    Hey y'all, Hunting for rare Bathing Ape pieces has become something of a hobby of mine this past year. Though most of the items I come across do not catch my fancy, I will occasionally come across something that is so rare and/or old that, even though I may not want it for myself, I want to...
1-19 of 24 Results