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  1. General Discussion
    I can't find these bapesta's anywhere on the internet The only bapesta's I know of are the ones with the large star on the side.
    Face lying flat Side view Neck Tag Sleev Tag...
    Brand new Bape City Camo Polo, never worn 100% authentic, purchased from Bape reseller Pondon Store Size Medium (M) White/gray/glow in the dark camo This item sells for $202.00 on the Bape website Asking $160, free shipping
    They're pretty high quality so they seem legit, but I picked them up at a second hand store for $30 so I'm not sure. if you need more pics just tell me
  5. Size 10.5 and Up
    Payment Method: cash or paypal (add 4%) Shipping price is for Canada/US. Overseas shipping will be a little more. Meetups: Toronto area or Markham area REFS from BapeTalk2: Black/Silver snake skin Roadstas - sold to flameboy23 URSUS General NFS Tee - trade to ezloot123 Bape Baby Milo Washed...
    I was wondering if these roadstas are authentic? they are a size 11 all white straight leather no camo based off the pics...thanks in advance for the help p.s. the box shown in pictures does not go with this shoe its from a different bathing ape shoe
  7. Want To Buy
    hello everyone!! I just created this account so I could make this wanted post, this is my first post, and i probably will never check this forum! please check out my contact info below if you have this pair. Just so you all now, despite being new to this forum and having just signed up, I am not...
1-8 of 13 Results